Achieving Sexual Wellness at LA Vitality MD

It is common for men to have a difficult time addressing worries related to sexual dysfunction with their doctor. Whether it is because they are embarrassed or ashamed; changes in sexual desire and function are common issues that often go untouched as people age.

Erectile dysfunction is a major problem for men and an upsetting issue that can damage self-confidence and innately be damaging in intimate relationships. The Sexual Wellness Program at LA Vitality MD was created to improve and care for the particular sexual wellness desires and functions for men.

Enhancing Sexual Wellness For Men

The Massachusetts Male Aging Study performed in the late 1980’s, revealed that erectile dysfunction (ED) was a key factor in symptoms of sexual decline in more than 50% of men ages 40-70.  Luckily, that study does not verify that men can no longer enjoy a healthy and active sex life, on the contrary, it is actually the opposite. The Sexual Wellness Program aids in the enrichment of sexual function along with increasing muscle memory and improving libido using a combination of professional-grade prescriptions and supplements. The Sexual Wellness Program for Men contains:

  • Rapid dissolve tablets to increase blood flow and stimulate muscle response
  • Amino acid supplement powder packets to help build erections and boost performance

If the tablets are not producing the anticipated results, you and your physician may decide to use a compounded injectable that is also accessible to help increase the effects.

Don’t let an assortment of issues stand between you and the most satisfying sexual experience. Now is the time to treat your sexual health with the respect it deserves so contact LA Vitality MD to regain your sexual wellness.