Dr. Garcia emphasizes to her patients how important a healthy weight and a healthy diet are.  They are the foundation of optimal health and vitality, and she offers several options for patients who are struggling with their weight.

There is no one size fits all program, so it is important for Dr. Garcia to evaluate her patient’s lifestyles and help them choose a program that will be a good fit for them.

Dr. Garcia likes to take a detailed history and also review extensive blood and urine testing to determine what systems may be out of balance and contributing to weight gain.   When these systems are brought back into balance by using detox programs, nutritional supplements, and hormone therapy, patients are more likely to respond to a weight loss program.

At LA Vitality MD, Dr. Garcia and her staff pride themselves on educating patients on the importance of a healthy weight. She not only informs patients what to do for success, but also coaches them on the body; how the body burns fat and calories, what mechanisms have to be triggered to decrease body fat, and learn what food combinations promote fat storage. As patients accelerate with the program, they gain a full understanding of how food influences and is used in the body, making it easier to manage weight on an ongoing basis.

Dr. Garcia welcomes inquiries and is vehement about healthy lifestyles, exercise, and weight management to achieve optimal health! Weight management is one of the core fundamentals of integrative medicine, addressing the body as a whole and all of its systems. Improving wellness beyond what conventional medicine offers is what attracted Dr. Garcia to practice integrative medicine. Please contact LA Vitality MD to schedule your initial consultation.